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      Bronze Assessed Expedition
      Update - expedition groups and meet times available, follow links on right hand navigation bar.
      Final Instructions for Bronze D of E assessed expedition – 20/21 October 2018
      Failure to have:
      • Waterproof top and bottoms, Hat and gloves, Boots with ankle protection WILL RESULT IN YOU NOT BEING ALLOWED TO TAKE PART.

      All group kit needs to be sorted out and packed prior to the start of the expedition. This will be issued when the group meets in Tideswell. Everything must be in a plastic bag or bin liner to protect it against the elements. All kit will be collected in following the assessed expedition so appropriate cleaning materials will be needed. Matches or a lighter will also be needed for cooking.

      Please learn from the year 9 camp. Please don’t pack unnecessary equipment.
      The expedition will finish on the 21st sometime between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Pupils will be able to phone from the finish and I will update via twitter (see below). This feed also shows up on the school web site at: 
      The expedition will start and end at:        
      Bishop Pursglove School, St John's Road, Tideswell, SK17 8NE
      There is limited parking available so can I please ask that parents drop pupils off and then depart, there will be 110 pupils arriving over a 90 minute period. It would be extremely useful if pupils could share lifts. There is an indoor area where pupils can wait if the start times do not coincide. It is not possible to change any of the logistics at this point.
      I will be able to provide general information and updates through twitter (@kingsmacdofe). If you don’t use twitter then you can receive free text updates by texting “follow @kingsmacdofe” to 86444. Following the expedition if you text “stop @kingsmacdofe” to the same number then these will stop coming through.
      Group meeting times can be accessed through the link on the right hand navigation bar.
      Please bear in mind that it may be cold overnight and pupils must have sufficient warm clothing. There will be an adult leader staying on each camp site with pupils although they will be under ‘remote supervision’ as required by the D of E award for the majority of the time. They will be tracked using GPS satellite trackers.

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