The King's School in Macclesfield


      Spiritual & Moral Values

      Our ethos and values

      Learning and personal development are at the heart of our community. We seek to equip young people with the character and skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever changing world. We believe that education is about what happens in the classroom and more. We seek to produce courageous and responsible citizens who contribute to society through leadership and service. We value love, compassion and mutual respect: these underpin all our activities and relationships.

      We strive to fulfill our ethos and aims through:

      • Our PSHE Programme
      • A Form Tutor Programme
      • Assemblies
      • Church Services
      • Serving our community through fundraising, charity work, voluntary work and service
      • Wider community engagement such as supporting the Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield Garden Festival and War Graves Project
      • Clubs and activities including Amnesty International Club, Debating Society, Duke OF Edinbugh Awards, Speakers' Club, Mindfulness and Yoga
      • School visits and trips
      • Curriculum engagement

      The role of School Assemblies

      Assemblies are an integral part of life at King’s, offering us the chance to pause, reflect and celebrate. They support our school aims and reflect our ethos and shared values.

      Assemblies come in all shapes and sizes. Divisional assemblies take place weekly and often involve a talk from a member of staff or an outside speaker. Year group, section, House assemblies and Celebration asseblies also occur regularly and cater for topics and issues specific to a more defined number of pupils. 

      They play a key role supporting our curriculum by informing, inspiring and challenging our pupils. They provide time to reflect on what it takes to become responsible citizens and how to contribute effectively to a modern society through leadership and service.

      Assemblies bring the school together: we gather as a body of pupils and staff; we are reminded how our differences make great strength. An assembly is a time when we can reset our moral compass, a time when the seed of future adventures may be sown. Ideas are planted and in the fullness of time actions result; from these life experiences are born.

      In Divisional assemblies, a diverse range of themes are presented by teachers from across the body of staff, drawing on their expertise and own inspiration. Themes covered include equality and diversity, leadership qualities, British values, the EU referendum, human rights, facing fears to overcome challenges and developing a positive mindset. 

      In the Infants & Juniors, assemblies help to create conditions that promote social and spiritual awareness and an inclusive understanding of the diverse world in which we live. Classes are often invited to present an assembly on a specific topic, such as ‘Switch Off’ fortnight, Fairtrade Week and Internet Safety, in addition to sharing their learning with the wider community. 

      Services & Reflection

      At significant points in the school year, services are held in local churches for pupils and their families at which our choirs and instrumentalists play an important role. Each year, infant and junior pupils celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter, whilst our Senior Divisions also celebrate and reflect on importance events through our Remembrance services (November) and Founders’ Day Service (March). Where possible, we encourage the participation of our local community and former pupils and staff. Harvest donations are taken to a local care home and distributed via food banks. In the winter, we support the homeless through donations of filled 'shoeboxes', whilst our monthly recitals at St Michael's Church are an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the talents of our young musicians.

      School Prayer

      Those who plant a tree plant hope; those who found a school commit an act of faith; but those who add to one already held in esteem, not only do both, but also submit themselves and their work to the judgment of past, present and future. We pray, therefore, O Lord, our Creator, Teacher and Friend, that you will continue to guide their counsels and prosper the development of this Foundation.

      We pray that you will grant all those who teach or serve here, in any capacity, the wisdom and dedication which alone can make it flourish.

      Grant that the pupils of this Foundation wear their learning lightly and bear their privileges modestly; that friendliness haunt corridors where curiosity beckons at every corner; that compassion colour their mirth, and joy in their studies be matched by dedication in all their other activities; that each strive to promote, not only their own interest, but also those of school and community; that the enthusiasm and high hopes brought by all be no less on the day they leave than on their first, so that the gratitude which grows from joy, and the love from both, live in their hearts down the years.

      These things we ask in the name of your only Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


      • Visitors from Argentina enjoy a King's Science lesson
      • Carnegie Book Quiz
      • Pupils perform concert in Cartmel Priory
      • Cultural enrichment in China
      • Pupils perform concert in Cartmel Priory
      • Pupils support Francis House Hospice
      • Dr Charles Easmon provides talks to pupils & parents on well-being
      • One of the schools in Ghana that we support
      • Sixth Form students teach 'weird science' in local primary schools
      • Footballer Jack Rutter inspires pupils to overcome adversity
      • Consultant surgeon Mr Kokan speaks to students
      • Cultural Trip to Japan, 2018
      • Khakan Qureshi speaks to pupils about diversity and equality
      • Rory runs 100km to raise money for Headway, brain injury charity
      • Students participate in Runway on The Runway for Teenage Cancer Trust
      • Year 4 yoga
      • Youth Summit

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