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      Sports Scholarships

      King’s offers a number of Scholarships each year in recognition of outstanding achievement and potential in a range of areas that are of importance to the school, including for academic, musical and sporting abilities. Scholarships are offered on the basis of open competition, carry clear expectations of involvement and achievement, and are subject to annual review.

      A Sports Scholarship is awarded to a pupil who demonstrates outstanding sporting ability and/or potential in a major sport in which the School competes. Pupils awarded a Sports Scholarship and/or place on the KEAP will demonstrate excellent athletic ability and commitment to their sport(s).

      Candidates registered to sit the 11+ Entrance Examination may apply for a Sports Scholarship using the application form. All applicants are invited to provide details of their sporting achievements and may submit references from coaches, clubs or their own school. King’s Director of Sport will shortlist applicants and invite pupils to participate in a Physical Assessment morning. Following the assessment, the Director of Sport will offer a limited number of places on the prestigious Elite Athlete Programme as well as a small number of Sports Scholarships.

      King’s Elite Athlete Programme (KEAP)

      The King’s School has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation for excellence in Sport and is incredibly proud to offer this programme to allow pupils to follow in the footsteps of the many successful former pupils who have enjoyed national and international honours in a range of sports.

      A place on our Elite Athlete Programme is awarded to pupils who demonstrate outstanding sporting achievement and/or potential in a major team sport in which the School competes. Ability in the major team games: Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Netball and Athletics is advantageous, but other sports offered at the School (including Rounders, Cross-Country and Trampolining) may also be considered. Students must be able to demonstrate excellent athletic ability, agility and commitment to representing the School in their sports.

      King’s Elite Athlete Programme is a specialist programme, which provides additional support, development and training opportunities. The programme is tailored for each individual pupil and provides a pathway for pupils as they progress from Year 7 through the senior years. Each pupil on the programme will receive:

      • An appropriate mentor and support within their chosen sport(s)
      • regular group strength and conditioning sessions
      • workshops on mental resilience, goal-setting and sports psychology
      • specialist advice on nutrition, sleep and maximising performance

      As progress in made through the programme, athletes will also receive:

      • help with workload management and reducing stress and burnout
      • screening to identify weaknesses, advice on injury prevention, recovery and conditioning techniques


      Offers of places on the KEAP and Sports Scholarships are subject to pupils passing the 11+ Entrance Examination and demonstrating outstanding sporting achievement or potential at the Physical Assessment morning. Successful applicants will be expected to contribute significantly to School sports in at least two disciplines, representing King’s and attending team practices, as well as acting as a role model for sporting excellence and behaviour. From Year 10 onwards, it may be possible for pupils to represent the school in just one sport, due to specialisation. There will be an annual review of sporting achievement and commitment, which may lead to the withdrawal of the Scholarship or place on the KEAP.

      How to apply (2020 entry)

      If you wish your child to be considered for a Sports Scholarship or a place on the Elite Athlete Programme, please complete the KEAP/Scholarship Application Form and return it to the Admissions Department prior to the deadline of 8 January 2020. The application form requires applicants to outline their interests and achievements in sport. Applications may also submit up to two references from coaches at clubs or their current school. There will then be a shortlisting process, with a number of applicants invited to participate in the Physical Assessment morning on Fri 31 January 2020 (tbc). The Physical Assessment morning will involve practical testing of fitness and athleticism followed by sport specific observations to assess skills and response to coaching.

      Sport Scholarships and KEAP Application Form

      For an application form, see the link above. For further information please contact:

      The Admissions Department:

      If you would like to speak to a member of the Sports Department, please direct your query to Mr Richard Lees, KEAP lead,

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