The King's School in Macclesfield

      Student Testimonials

      We welcome around 10% of our students from other schools and they very quickly find themselves at home in our friendly and vibrant Sixth Form. Below are testimonials from a few students about how they found the transition to King's.

      Dan Harrop joined King’s at the start of Year 12. Here he described how he found the transition to a new school:

      “At the start of my time in Kings, I was welcomed by many students which helped created a very inviting and friendly atmosphere in which I was able to associate with my class mates as well as make friends throughout the sixth form. The teachers eased me into the new style of teaching and made time available whenever I felt I needed help, making my start to A Levels as easy as possible.

      A great feature of King’s is the wide variety of extra-curricular activities available. I took part in Young Enterprise, in which you and a small group of friends find funding for a business idea you run and attempt to make a profit. I was also involved in the educational engineering scheme in which a group of 4 students were given a real life engineering problem to solve. These were both very enjoyable to participate in as well as provided great insight into the respective areas giving me a better idea into what I want to do in the future.

      Overall, King’s has provided me with great experiences both academically - allowing me to achieve the best I can in my A Levels - as well as socially, by meeting new people, partaking in new activities and having a great time all around.” 

      Hayden Thomas also joined King’s for the Sixth Form, and here is a testimony to his experience:

      “The prospect of moving from a comfortable school and home environment to a new school and life, which held uncertainty, was scary to imagine. However I knew that worrying about the little things like moving to a new area would only cause stress and instead I focused on academia and the positives of a new setting.

      Understanding the great reputation of King’s, I didn’t really know what to expect, but my first impression of King’s was that it seemed enjoyable and charismatic, providing the opportunity to make friends naturally. I didn’t sense any pressure of being the ‘new kid’. I also found the teaching standards much higher and that pupils had a real determination to overcome and achieve.

      There are also plenty of opportunities to involve yourself in sporting and extra-curricular activities as I have done, by joining the rugby team. This is a great way to meet more people and make new friends, adding more enjoyment to school life in and outside of academic studies. I have prized my time so far a King’s and have created lasting memories and friendships. I never realised how naturally things would fall into place; now I have learned that there was never anything to doubt or fear and I am thankful for the experience.” 

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