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      Parents Survey

      Parents tell us that King’s is “outstanding”

      King’s regularly undertakes Parental Surveys to gauge levels of satisfaction with school provision and to identify any areas for improvement.

      The most recent surveys were undertaken in 2012, 2015 and 2018. The most recent was an online survey completed by 46% of parents, which is an excellent response rate and represents the parental body well across all year groups from Pre-School to Sixth Form, and with an even split of boys’ and girls’ parents.

      The results were collated and analysed by an independent research company, which was able to benchmark our data against a national data set for independent schools. Two detailed reports were prepared (one for the Infants & Juniors and another for the Senior divisions).

      Overall findings

      The picture this survey paints is one of high levels of satisfaction on the part of the current parent body.

      The overall performance scores were excellent: in the Seniors, the score of 78.3% is a very good overall performance score and in the Infants & Juniors, the score of 83.5% is exceptional compared with the benchmark for similar schools nationally. 

      The school’s key areas of excellence are: the teaching quality, academic results, extra-curricular activities, the well-rounded education, the warm and welcoming atmosphere and class sizes.

      The school was especially highly regarded in the areas of quality of management, meeting parents’ expectations, celebrating and rewarding achievement, written reports, happy pupils, and encouraging & listening to pupils' views. Furthermore, King’s has outperformed almost all of the national benchmarks where benchmarking was applied.

      Most parents would warmly recommend the school to others and feel proud to be part of the school community.

      Satisfaction with school provision

      The most satisfying aspects of the survey were the scores for academic subjects and core parent priorities. Parents are generally very satisfied with the academic departments: many departments were described as 'outstanding' compared with national data.

      Parents were also very happy with non-subject areas of the school.  Rated as 'outstanding' were quality of teaching, availability of resources, school communication, caring teachers, levels of homework, personal/social/health education. Also well above national scores were: developing confidence in pupils, school discipline, developing moral values, developing pupils' potential, happiness of a child, community spirit and many other areas of school life. 

      Priorities for Improvement

      Surveys are important in identifying what parents think we need to do better. The 2015 survey identified three principal areas for development:

      • parental communications in general and on-line communication in particular;
      • investment in facilities, whilst maintaining competitive fees,
      • and the expansion of the School’s transport and bus provision.

      We have made progress in each of these areas and the 2018 survey showed that parental communications now ranks amongst the highest scoring of parents’ core priorities. The addition of a late bus service on routes to the north and west of the school has been well received and the continuing investment in our estate has included the Westminster Road sports complex and a major programme of refurbishment on both sites. Clearly, a move to a new campus in 2020 will transform all of our facilities.

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