The King's School in Macclesfield


      Safeguarding & Child Protection

      The King’s School is committed to keeping pupils safe and to ensuring that children’s welfare is always a priority.


      All members of staff are required to play a role in safeguarding children and all members of the school community are strongly encouraged to report any concerns to one of the school’s Child Protection Officers, whose names and contact details are given below:


      Senior Child Protection Officer

      Mrs Helen Broadley 01625 260000

      Child Protection Officers

      Mr Paul Cooper, Mr Richard Davies, Mrs Rachel Cookson

      01625 260000

      Children's Assessment Team (Children's Social Care) 

      0300 123 5012

      Out of Hours Service

      0300 123 5022

      Safeguarding Adviser for Education and Settings

      01606 275039

      Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

      01606 288931

      CEC Safeguarding Children in Education and Settings

      0300 123 5033

      Police Protection Unit

      0845 458 0000


      0300 123 4666


      The school’s Safeguarding Policy can be found under Policies.

      If you have any concerns about King’s safeguarding procedures, please contact the Headmaster, Dr Simon Hyde.  

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