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      King’s offers a number of Scholarships each year in recognition of outstanding achievement and potential in a range of areas that are of importance to the school, including for academic, musical and sporting abilities. Scholarships typically offer a discount of up to 10% of school fees and are made at the discretion of the Governing Body. Scholarships are offered on the basis of open competition, carry clear expectations of involvement and achievement, and are subject to annual review. 

      Academic Scholarships 

      A number of academic scholarships are awarded each year in recognition of an outstanding performance in the 11+ Entrance Examination. They are awarded to boys and girls aged 11 entering the school at the start of Year 7. 
      Pupils gaining an academic scholarship are automatically enrolled on our Challenge & Enrichment Programme. A scholarship usually attracts a financial award of 10% of fees per annum in recognition of the pupil's achievement. Subject to good conduct and progress, academic scholarships are tenable throughout the holder’s career in the school. 


      Music Scholarships and Music Exhibitions 

      Music Scholarships and Music Exhibitions are available by audition to candidates sitting the 11+ Entrance Examination (aged 11). Those wishing to apply for a Music Scholarship should submit a Music Scholarship Application Form (available from the Admissions Dept:

      Applicants should have obtained a standard of at least Associated Board grade 3 or its equivalent in their main instrument (including voice). Following the Entrance Examination, pupils are invited to audition in early February for the music scholarships. Each scholarship is valued at up to 10% of fees. Scholarships are tenable throughout the holder’s career in the Senior Division, subject to a full contribution to the music of the school.

      A small number of Music Exhibitions are also available and will be awarded to candidates following the auditions. Music Exhibitions are designed to cover the cost of music tuition and are valued at £600 per annum. Exhibitions are tenable throughout the holder’s career in the Seniors, subject to a full contribution to the music of the school.
      An Organ Scholarship is also available at the discretion of the Director of Music.

      Sports Scholarships

      A Sports Scholarship is awarded to a pupil who demonstrates outstanding sporting ability and/or potential in a major sport in which the School competes. Pupils awarded a Sports Scholarship and/or place on the King's Elite Athlete Programme (KEAP) will demonstrate excellent athletic ability and commitment to their sport(s).

      Candidates registered to sit the 11+ Entrance Examination may apply for a Sports Scholarship. All applicants are invited to provide details of their sporting achievements and may submit references from coaches, clubs or their own school. King’s Director of Sport will shortlist applicants and invite pupils to participate in a Physical Assessment morning. Following the assessment, the Director of Sport will offer a limited number of places on the prestigious King's Elite Athlete Programme as well as a small number of Sports Scholarships.

      For more information and application forms, please see: Sports Scholarships

      or speak to a member of the Admissions Department on 01625 260000 or email:

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