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      What Parents Say

      “We are delighted with the way in which King’s is enabling our children, each with their very different personalities, to thrive and be happy in their education.”

      Infant & Junior parent

      "The sensitive and supportive approach of our boys’ teachers has been felt at every turn. This is without doubt the highest standard of teaching our children have ever received. And, more than this, we see an environment where the children genuinely care for each other and where they are their own support network, rather than a collection of individuals, for which your staff are deserving of high praise." 

      Infant & Junior parent

      "Six years on, we remain delighted that we chose King's as the school for our children". Junior parent

      “How can I sum up how fab I think King’s is in only a few words? After deciding that independent education would suit our two daughters, we felt that King’s offered everything we as a family were looking for: high educational standards coupled with exceptional pastoral care. We like the two closely linked sites and single-sex education during the senior years. After being involved with King’s for 11 years we as a family feel we have definitely made the right choice.”

      Parent of Junior and Senior girls

      “We chose King’s for our son and daughter as we liked the idea of a single-sex education for the senior years and then co-education for the Sixth Form. I feel this model is beneficial. As well as focusing on academia, King’s offers fantastic extra-curricular opportunities in sport, music, hobbies and trips which helps to develop good all-rounders.”  

      Parent of Year 7 and Year 9 pupils.

      “We’re totally impressed with King’s – from the friendly atmosphere geared to get the very best out of its pupils to matching academic targets with an equally impressive range of sports and fun lunchtime and after school activities – from tiddlywinks to Judo!  The nurturing of a belief in oneself coupled with love and respect for others means the pupils are a delight to meet. The commitment of staff to all the above is achieved from a great consultation processes with parents and pupils. The future is being planned and we feel included in every way. Our daughter is clear that school is not just about academic success, rather an opportunity to broaden her mind and her skills.”  

      Year 8 parent

      “Our children, one girl and one boy, had different personalities and therefore very different needs from a school. They benefited hugely from the very structured teaching and environment at King’s, and the passion and enthusiasm for their subject by the staff was of great importance. The school provided innumerable opportunities to broaden horizons both within the curriculum and outside it. Pupils are extremely well-prepared for life and achieve the very highest levels academically in a place they enjoy attending.”


      Parent of two Senior children

      “The reason we were attracted to King’s was the equal importance it gave to academic achievement, pastoral care and personal development. We have not been disappointed!”


      Year 7 parent

      “When selecting a school for our four children, we looked at exam results but we also relied on our feeling for the school. All of our expectations have been exceeded and it is definitely the right place for all our children.”


      “We’re absolutely delighted with King’s Pre-School. It is lovely to see children skipping into school in the morning full of enthusiasm and coming out smiling at the end of the day. The teachers are superb and get the right level of fun and discipline. Our daughter loves visiting the Ginkgo meadow, learning her sounds, learning to write and going on school trips.”

      Pre-School Parent

      “Both our children have achieved the very highest academic levels at King’s. This fact is, to us, a very happy by-product of our main requirement from a school which is to provide an excellent education in a place where the pupils are happy.”


      “We have three very different children who we feel will all thrive at King's because of the inclusive, diligent and happy community it maintains. Once you have that in a school, academic results follow as is clearly illustrated by King's outstanding results.”


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