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      Extended Studies

      About the Department

      The Extended Studies department includes a wide variety of subjects, all of which can be taken in Year 13. The subjects are regularly updated, but typically include:

      • Introductory Japanese
      • Community Sports Leadership Award
      • Art Award
      • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
      • Theatre Studies
      • Basic Expedition Leadership Award
      • CREST Award
      • Spanish for Business

      Due to the wide ranging subjects offered, the department includes numerous members of staff, all of whom are very experienced in their subject area. There is also the option for a bespoke MOOCs programme, for students looking to add experience for a specifc degree course, career path or outside interest. 

      Examination Results

      All subjects are recognised qualifications and so all students will sit an exam or complete coursework in their chosen subject. The results in EPQ are typically outstanding, with out latest cohort achieving 75% of all grades at A*-A. 

      Subject Content & Syllabus

      The teaching and content of the subjects very much depends on the subject in question. There are a number of more practical-based options e.g. The Art Award, Sports Leadership, Theatre Studies and Expedition Leadership as well as there being more written-based subjects such as the Extended Project Qualification.

      The Japanese course comprises all four aspects of learning a language and is taught by Ms. Tamai who is in her second year of delivering Japanese at King's. Every subject includes a written element, but students are asked to consider which of the options they are best suited to and most likely to enjoy.

      Enrichment Opportunities

      Opportunities vary depending on the course in question. For example, with the Extended Project Qualification, students take part in in-house training where they learn about research skills, how to reference and also time management.

      Students also visit the University of Manchester for a day and take part in a research skills workshop as well as learning how to access library journals, both online and within the John Ryland’s University Library.

      Other courses include the opportunity to volunteer with younger students and to gain skills and experience that way, whilst there are theatre trips involved as part of the Theatre Studies course.


      The Extended Studies programme is designed to facilitate other subjects, whilst also helping students gain knowledge and skills in a new subject area. Consequently, the knowledge and skills gained can help students pursue a wide variety of careers.

      For example, those taking Japanese, particularly language students, find it is a very helpful addition to a UCAS application when applying to university. We have, in the past, had a student who opted for the Japanese course because they had an interest in Japanese cars and thought the language skills would be beneficial to them in the future.

      The other options do of course lend themselves well to specific areas, sport or art related, and can help students clarify if the subject in question is one they wish to pursue further in the future. Universities and employees alike value the wider range of subjects that the Extended Studies programme has to offer.

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