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      About the Subject

      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is concerned with the physical, mental, spiritual and economic wellbeing of the pupils in our school. It should enable our pupils to acquire and develop the thinking and interpersonal skills they need to make sense of, and then manage, the world around them. PSHE education helps pupils to become effective learners and supports them as they become independent young people and active contributors to British society.

      King’s is committed to developing pupils’ responsibilities towards themselves, others in school, and the local and global community. PSHE education plays an important role within King’s pastoral care and in fostering a friendly, polite and caring community, made up of well-rounded individuals who work well with others and who become increasingly responsible for their own learning and development.

      Subject Content & Syllabus

      The curriculum is divided into three strands of learning: Working well, Living well and Being well. Students study a variety of topics within these strands and build their knowledge and skills as they progress through the school.

      Key Stage 3

      In Year 7, PSHE lessons are normally delivered by the form tutor to encourage a clear link between PSHE education and the pastoral programme. Students explore areas such as the transition from primary school to senior school, healthy relationships, puberty and e-safety.

      In Year 8 the PSHE programme is delivered through the teaching of Drama, which enables the pupils to use role play to explore key issues in their lives such as bullying and peer pressure.

      In Year 9, PSHE is delivered through specific PSHE days where a mixture of visiting speakers and teachers present to the pupils on topics such as e-safety, drug awareness, sex and relationships, study skills and diversity.

      Key Stage 4

      In Years 10 and 11, PSHE Education is delivered by a team of specialist teachers. Students continue to develop their learning from Key Stage 3 and revisit topics such as sex and relationships, personal finance and preparation for Sixth Form life.

      Key Stage 5

      The PSHE programme in the Sixth Form is delivered during dedicated tutor periods, and very often involves outside speakers. Students explore issues surrounding physical and mental wellbeing, as well as topical issues and preparation for life beyond the Sixth Form.

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